Help Centric  6.0
Help Centric is web-based help desk software that is in a league of its own. Allow your customers to upload multiple files to facilitate help ticket resolutions. Automatically build knowledge base solutions for your customers or technicians to rely on. Provides authentication for help ticket requestors, adding them as customers in your contact database. Utilizes IntegrateNow technology to work seamlessly with our other web software.

Product Type: Download

Product Family: ASP.NET / C#

Turn-Key Install: Production Installation


Help Centric is designed to run on a Microsoft web server, IIS with .NET 4.6 framework or higher. A Microsoft web server shared hosting account will work.

Broadband Software is available for product installations if you are not comfortable installing web-based software.
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher, or MS Visual Studio 2015 or higher.

If Help Centric is going to be installed on a shared hosting account, then use MS SQL Server to control the database.