Help Centric  6.0
Help Centric is web-based help desk software that is in a league of its own. Allow your customers to upload multiple files to facilitate help ticket resolutions. Automatically build knowledge base solutions for your customers or technicians to rely on. Provides authentication for help ticket requestors, adding them as customers in your contact database. Utilizes IntegrateNow technology to work seamlessly with our other web software.

Product Type: Download

Product Family: ASP.NET / C#

Turn-Key Install: Production Installation

Legal and Binding Agreement
This end user license agreement is a software agreement between Broadband Software and the person/company that purchases one or more of our software products. This software agreement outlines the terms that govern the purchase and use of the software, and by purchasing the software and downloading it from our site, you agree to the terms. This agreement is a legal and binding within the laws of New York state and the United States of America.

2-Year Warranty
Help Centric comes with a 2-year warranty that covers defects in any of the source code, images, stored procedures, or database table design. Broadband Software agrees to fix any errors that cause incorrect screen rendering or undesired results due to calculations and programming logic.

Standard Use
Help Centric is licensed, not sold because Help Centric is owned by Broadband Software and is comprised of programming files, image files, database script files (containing database table design and stored procedures), and documentation files. Under the software agreement, you are allowed to only install Help Centric once (on 1 web server and 1 database server if separate) and under 1 domain. The software is allowed to have unlimited users, but all associated with 1 company ... the company licensing this software. No application renting or sharing is allowed.

Software Sales
All sales are final in the software industry, especially with sale of source code ... and the purchase of this software is no exception. Help Centric contains source code inside the programming files as well as the database scripts which create the database tables and stored procedures. The source code is protected by copyright laws which prohibit the distribution of the files or the contents of the files which you receive as result of licensing our software.

Software Modifications
Broadband Software allows the purchasing entity of the software to modify it for use by the licensing company. The modified software is not allowed to be sold, licensed, or distributed in any manner. If the modified software is desired to be installed by another part of the licensing company or related business entity, then another licensed copy must be purchased from Broadband Software before it is installed.

No Liability
Broadband Software is not liable or responsible for the loss of business traffic, loss of revenue, loss of information or any other pecuniary loss due the use, misuse, or inability to use the software. Broadband Software is also not liable or responsible for any tangible or intangible loss of money due to the use, misuse, or inability to use the software.