Help Centric  6.0
Help Centric is web-based help desk software that is in a league of its own. Allow your customers to upload multiple files to facilitate help ticket resolutions. Automatically build knowledge base solutions for your customers or technicians to rely on. Provides authentication for help ticket requestors, adding them as customers in your contact database. Utilizes IntegrateNow technology to work seamlessly with our other web software.

Product Type: Download

Product Family: ASP.NET / C#

Turn-Key Install: Production Installation

Help Centric automatically handles new customer registration ... creating a contact record in the database with an account and password for authentication.
The forgot password function sends an e-mail to the customer containing their password, reducing the amount of help tickets that your company will receive.
Unlimited "Notes History" that the requestor or the Help Centric Staff can add to.
Help tickets can be RE-OPENED by the requestor or prime technician/administrator.
The system sends e-mails automatically when: the ticket is opened, when a technician is assigned to a help ticket, when the staff adds a note, when the prime technician changes, and when the help ticket is closed.
Files can be uploaded by the customer or technician/administrator and attached to a help ticket.
Knowledge base solutions can be created simply by clicking a check box, when saving a help ticket in the admin application.

Database transactions used to COMMIT or ROLLBACK table inserts, updates, and deletes.
Contact and company database tables included providing integrated (IntegrateNow) contact management with our other web software.
The relational database is "Normalized" ... records stored with bigint ID primary key and represented only once in the database.
Database "Type Tables" are designed into the application architecture and allow for customization of: companies, contacts, problem types, and frequently asked question categories.
Help Centric uses Microsoft SQL Server as the application database which is scalable and will allow the application to work for large or small companies.
All database calls are encapsulated in stored procedures, providing reusability and making the application easier to maintain.
An admin application is included in the application design to control: contacts, companies, security, help ticket responses, knowledge base solutions, and frequently asked questions.

Strong client-side and server-side form field validation using regular expressions.
Help Centric's contact management provides a security level that controls data access, screen object rendering, and menu choices.
Input form data is filtered and scrubbed for dangerous characters including HTML commands.
HTTP state is maintained by using a bigint contact ID stored in a double-keyed cookie.
All querystring input is filtered for dangerous input, has it's type validated, and is tested for falling within an acceptable range.