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Mobile Ready Sites

Posted by admin on 12 Nov, 2019

Mobile ready sites are less expensive and quicker to create/install due to a generic HTML5 website template created by Broadband Software. This new website build method will enable our design team to produce prototypes in a few days, and websites in a couple weeks.

Help Centric 6.0 Milestone

Posted by admin on 4 Jan, 2020

Help ticket administration completed for the ADMIN section of the web-based product Help Centric. Only Company, Contact, and Report sections are required for completion. This marks an 80% done point and the features completed: request form, existing tickets, uploading attachments, re-opening tickets, help ticket administration and most of the company administration.

Mach 3 Sales Campaign

Posted by admin on 5 Jan, 2020

Mach 3 sales campaign launched to bring together frequently used marketing blades. The blades are like a fan: smart phone market forces, e-mail harvesting and usage, and branding. Make your prices standardized to make it seem like ordering entrees at your favorite restaurant ... and resulting in predictability for services.