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Broadband Software was established in January of 2014 to begin a new chapter in Mobile Ready Website Development. Every website that we develop begins with wireframes of mobile ready web pages in HTML5. This new version of HTML allows for responsive website design methodologies. Each new website features a more flexible rendering of web pages that adapt to the size of the screen they are being viewed on.

Web Development

We have recently completed Help Centric 6.0, a next generation, web-based help desk application. It has a secure authentication architecture, streamlined file attachment uploading, built-in contact management, configurable problem types, and automatic response features. It is currently for sale IN OUR SOFTWARE SECTION.


We take pride in bringing a fresh perspective to your business through creative image framing. By including pictures of your employees and workplace you can add credibility and transparency to your company.

Digital Media

We can create stunning, strong designs for: logos, business cards, signage, 2 and 6 panel brochures, as well as mobile ready websites. We thrive on bringing together a fresh or rejuvenated logo, stylish business cards, eye-catching local signs and memorable website images for an astonishing impact.

Online Marketing

We are developing a grocery list generator/organizer that is coded in MVC/Razor/MS Entity Framework/MS SQL Server and runs as a responsive website app.


We at Broadband Software, have been coding HTML and other web-based languages for 22 years. We have a plethora of web design projects to rely on and extensive knowledge on what makes an effective web site. Let us prove to you, how much a website can give you for a return on investment.

We practice web design beginning with detailed requirements gathering. Next, we construct wireframes of each web page to form a strong prototype for site approval. Finally, we solidify images, navigation, and any web application development required.

Taking just the right picture with the perfect background and focused subject is at the top of our list of passions. A picture is worth a thousand words and we convey a book with every customer's website. Web design and photography are intertwined.

Our web development experience began in 1991 programming applications for Nortel Networks in Research Triangle Park. Our coding methodology stems from that experience. We employ 4 major milestones for each project, and code is triple tested to ensure 0 defects.

There are several types of online marketing to increase website traffic and sales. Pay-per-click, banner ads, sponsored listings, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All methods are effective, but you will need to have a multi-pronged approach. See our SEO Packages priced for every budget.

Broadband Software consists of digital media experts that can create business cards, signs, brochures, and responsive websites that carry a common theme and convey consistency, quality, and effectiveness. Those characteristics attract new customers and create pride in existing customers.

We are proud to have an 100% customer support satisfaction rating. Why? Because we wrote a configurable and ubiquitous help desk software package that is web-based and takes care of questions 24-hours a day. You can have the same software handling requests for your customers. Ask for Help Centric.


Managing budgets and timelines, balancing creative prowess with strict deadlines ... we will bring your project deliverables in on time, under budget, and exceeding expectations.

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We create websites that thrill & pay for themselves through increased customer satisfaction, and increased customer productivity (with web-based self-service functions).

Let's Work Together

Help Desk Software that Manages Business Requests


Help Centric 6.0

Help Desk Software that
includes a Contact Manager
and E-mail Notifications


Help Centric 6.0

Help Desk Software

Help Centric 6.0 is next generation Help Desk Software by providing users with the software features that are not included with competitor's versions.
By adding authentication to typical Help Desk Software, Help Centric users can: review past tickets, upload files, have a note history, as well as re-open tickets if their problem needs more attention.
Help Centric 6.0 is written in HTML5 / ASP.NET / C# and uses MS SQL Server for the database ... the languages of choice for programmers.
E-mail notifications, configurable problem types, and a FREE contact manager.

Control your customer requests, instead of them keeping you in crisis (put out the fires) mode.

Get the source code today:
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Web Development
Online Marketing
Digital Media
Customer Support


Estee Lauder Intel
Sears Glaxo Smith Kline


U.S. Army

British Petroleum


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) PACKAGES


The best to start.

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This BLOG is reserved for Broadband Software: events, announcements, research theories or hypotheses, and computer science influences/directions.

Help Centric 6.0 Completed
Posted by admin on 7 Mar, 2020

Help Centric 6.0 is complete and for sale in our software section. It was developed in full HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.NET 4.7 and MS SQL Server. Read More

Mach 3 Sales Campaign
Posted by admin on 5 Jan, 2020

Mach 3 sales campaign launched to bring together frequently used marketing blades. The blades are like a fan: smart phone market forces, e-mail harvesting and usage, and branding ... Read More

Mobile Ready Sites
Posted by admin on 12 Nov, 2019

Mobile ready sites are less expensive and quicker to create/install due to a generic HTML5 website template created by Broadband Software. This new website build method will enable ... Read More

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